cuore sacro,residenza artistica "silvae fragmenta", ottati (SA), 2023

H-eart_h, sacro cuore

Irene Russo
Argilla e colori naturali
Dimensioni 30 x 40 cm

Atmosfera onirica che rimanda alla tradizione popolare campana caratterizza l’ opera dell’ artista.
La naturale sorpresa della scoperta , intrisa del gusto del sogno rivela un cuore dalle anatomie umane fuori misura  all’ interno di una biforcazione arborea.
Un cuore rivelato, mostrato come da tradizione cristiana , in tutta la sua vulnerabilità. Un cuore vivo, rosso  e connesso all’ albero diventa una narrazione del dualismo uomo /natura, da cui deriva il titolo, e fonte di parallelismo con l’ anatomia umana e quella naturale.

L’ opera rimanda alla simbologia e alla forma degli ex-voto e attraverso  un linguaggio d’ impatto, si rivela al pubblico in maniera discreta, quasi nascosto alla vista, creando una scoperta e una riflessione di come anche la natura possegga un cuore, vivo, vero, tangibile e di come sia nostro compito tutelarla e proteggerla, creando quindi una “natura umana”.

h-eart(h), Ponza (lT), Ponza Land art 2023

This installation project highlights the deep connection between humans and nature. By utilizing clay modeling, the project showcases the various aspects of this relationship, delving into the love and inclination of humans towards nature. Through the representation of a human heart, the project symbolically shows the growth and development of local natural elements that sprout from it. It is a living artwork that continually changes throughout different seasons and times, providing a unique perspective for every viewer. This artwork is intertwined with the location, creating a smaller garden within a garden, where a heart with vegetal vines grows and expands within the surroundings. Although the artwork will receive a layer of wax coating to protect it from natural elements, it still embodies the natural concept of change and transformation based on the growth of organic elements within it, forming a green heart that represents the power and beauty of nature.


residenza artistica Ponza LandArt
orto botanico di Ponza
aprile 2023

Re-born Butterflies, Casina (RE),2021 Vincitrice bando Land Art Effetto notte

land art ,vincitori Effetto Notte 2021
Vincitore bando 2021 land art Effetto Notte, Casina (RE) foto di Akiva Studio - Tell your story. #landart #reggioemeilia #avellino #womanlandart #covid #installationart #contemporaryart

“Reborn Butterflies” is a true masterpiece of art that speaks volumes of its creativity and ingenuity. It triumphed over all competition in the Effetto Note Land Art contest held in 2021. The creators painstakingly analyzed every inch of the park, using pre-existing structures as a foundation, resulting in a stunning work of art that exemplifies the transformation of the park in the wake of the pandemic and the current global situation. The installation is securer than Fort Knox, securely anchored into a nearby tree, making it totally impervious to wind and adverse weather conditions.

This dazzling work of art is not just aesthetically breathtaking; it is also imbued with deep prophetic meaning. It forms a perfect harmony with the surrounding sky, with its blue hues and the neighboring bodies of water which inspired the design. The artwork is also painted with eco-friendly, luminous paint, giving it an ethereal and enchanting quality, particularly at night.

“Reborn Butterflies” is not just an elegant addition to the park landscape; it is also symbolic of hope, resilience, and strength. It is a beacon of light in the dark, and it reminds us of our innate ability to overcome adversity triumphantly. It is our collective resilience and determination that drives us through the most challenging moments. Therefore, let us be inspired by this awe-inspiring work of art and accept its reminder that our resilience and determination will lead us through even the darkest of times.

Opera vincitrice Effetto Notte Land Art 2021

Reborn_butterflies 60 x 350 cm
legno, ferro, vernice Casina (RE)

Natural Cathedral, Sokole, Poland 2019 Rezydencja Artystyczna LANDART

Natural Cathedral
legno carbonizzato, muschio e cenere
450 x 750 cm
Sokole, Poland 2019
Rezydencja Artystyczna LANDART

Within the heart of the small yet enchanting village of Sokole, there is an exquisite work of art that stands tall as a testament to nature’s stunning beauty. Measuring a remarkable 450 x 750 cm, “Natural Cathedral” is a sculpture that was born from the creative minds of the talented artists who visited Rezydencja Artystyczna LANDART in Poland in 2019. Crafted from a superb mix of burnt wood, moss, and ashes, this awe-inspiring piece provides a peaceful, tranquil, and serene atmosphere that welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in the wonder of nature. Sokole is renowned for its unadulterated natural beauty and the lack of traditional churches, thus providing the perfect opportunity for seekers of solace to worship in the grandeur of the nearby forest. The sculpture boasts pine wood seats, which stand tall at an exceptional height of 60 cm and a width of approximately 45 cm. Those seeking to bask in the splendid beauty of the surrounding area can sit back, relax, and take in the majestic view. The art installation showcases a moss plant, which is shaped distinctly in the form of a Latin cross and rotates around the sculpture, creating an extraordinary sense of natural grandeur. Hence, the “Natural Cathedral” is a poignant tribute to our beloved planet and serves as a resounding reminder to cherish and preserve the natural world and all of its wonders for future generations.

"BLACK MEMORIES" Rezydencja Artystyczna LANDART 2019,Sokole Polonia

foto a cura di Andrea De Lucia

This project is a breathtaking tribute to the forests that once flourished with life, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the beauty of nature. Through a unique diary, meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of these forests, we are transported to a time when the world was green and alive. The diary features the intricate tree rings of the forest, etched onto charcoal prints of majestic trees that are no longer with us. Each print is a solemn reminder of the importance of preserving our natural treasures, and a call to action to protect these majestic creatures and their habitats for the future. This stunning artwork speaks directly to our hearts, urging us to take responsibility for the environment and safeguard it for generations to come. Even as the installation draws to a close, the tree trunk remains, serving as a haunting reminder of the terrible cost of deforestation and the urgent need to act before it’s too late.





Lux Lucis, 2019, Festival Luci in altura, Lioni(AV)

foto di Antonio Sena

The installation presents an exhilarating concept that aims to evoke feelings of rebirth and rejuvenation towards nature. The idea stems from the timeless tradition of braiding, which is masterfully interplayed with light to create a stunning display of art in the park. The result is a breathtaking internal scenery that blends seamlessly with the pre-existing trees in the location, serving to give viewers a fresh discovery of the wondrous nature that surrounds them. This project is part of a wider research venture that seeks to enhance reconnection with nature and promote positive ecological practices. With the current global focus on environmental protection, such efforts have proven to be both relevant and impactful, making this installation worth experiencing. Through this installation, visitors and viewers will get to immerse in a mesmerizing spectacle of nature that offers a unique and captivating perspective. Ultimately, this artistic endeavor serves as a catalyst for renewed connections with nature and a stronger bond with the world around us.

"BLACK HUG" Vincitrice LEDRO LAND ART 2017, Ledro

foto di Massimiliano Rosa

The relationship between man and nature serves as the driving force behind the development of my poignant artwork. Through my pieces, I aim to create a powerful ode to nature, one that celebrates its beauty while also drawing attention to the underlying tensions that exist between mankind and the environment. This thematic choice stems from a personal experience that struck at the very heart of my being: the devastating wildfires that ravaged my hometown of Campania and the surrounding areas, including the Valle di Ledro where my artwork was conceived.

My artistic research and practice take inspiration from the rich history and culture of my homeland, imbuing my work with a sense of deep-rootedness and context. In particular, my pieces serve as a form of condemnation for the cruel acts committed during the tragic wildfires. At the same time, they also highlight the deep bonds that exist between man and the natural world in an eternal and all-encompassing embrace.

The artwork, crafted from three pine trunks, takes on a labyrinthine form, with a series of progressively higher curves leading the viewer on a path that culminates in a symbolic embrace. Through the use of sensory elements, such as the scent of charred wood, the piece recreates the intense and sometimes claustrophobic feeling of a raging fire, emphasizing the urgent need for us to protect and care for the natural world.

Rural lab festival 2017, Porto Viro, Rovigo

The message appears to convey a creative and innovative idea that aims to celebrate the beauty of nature and traditional craftsmanship. The approach to the project is unique, as it involves using reeds and light games to create a delightful experience for visitors in the environment. The project promises to be environmentally friendly as it revolves around natural colors that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The inspiration that brought about the concept is relatable and admirable.

The land art work, “The Colors of the Earth,” seeks to pay homage to the craftsmanship of the locals in the area, which is a testament to their connection with the terrain. The installation promises to be an attraction that visitors can delight in, as they view and appreciate the intricacies of traditional craftsmanship through installation and sensory experiences. The project’s implementation will require the input of local professionals and volunteers, particularly young people, to ensure that the knowledge of traditional methods is passed on to newer generations. The land art work will be a durable structure, secured through the installation of poles between the meshes of the weave.


Rural lab festival 2017

Materiali canne intrecciate, colore naturale


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