In_Natural, Montoro (AV) 2018

250 x 250 x 8 m
plexiglass and alluminium
Palazzo Macchiarelli, Montoro (AV)

The “In_Natural” project is a truly inspirational initiative that is redefining the very concept of environmental sustainability. With a focus on tackling deforestation using innovative and modern techniques, this project is working to restore nature’s rightful place in our private gardens. Using cutting-edge technology, the project creates stunning vertical cylindrical structures that combine to form an “industrial forest”, creating a beautiful play of light and shadow that perfectly mimics the natural beauty of real forests. The artist’s aim is to fully integrate this amazing artwork into the surrounding environment, creating an awe-inspiring experience that will inspire all who experience it. The name, “In_Natural” reflects the project’s goal of reintroducing an “unnatural” forest, restoring the lost landscape of trees and gardens that once surrounded the Palazzo Macchiarelli. This project is an example of the true power of art to inspire, inspire change, and restore our planet to its former glory.


Mirror Lake, Parco delle Groane, Milano,201

Mirror Lake is a truly radiant and innovative piece of art that ignites inspiration in anyone that lays eyes on it. It is a seamless connection between the earth and the sky and a true testament to the ever-evolving beauty of our world. The installation’s thought-provoking use of a mirror-like surface reminds us to be present in the moment and appreciate the wonders that surround us. More importantly, it is a tangible reminder of the environmental changes that occur every day, as the sky shifts and evolves. Visitors are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in this incredible artwork, to lay down and let their senses dive deep into the unlimited vibrations of the earth. Mirror Lake was created to inspire us to connect with the natural world and form intimate bonds with our environment. It was brought to fruition as part of a residency program in Milan, Italy, constructed using innovative materials such as PVC, wood, and silicone.
Mirror lake
PVC specchiato,legno, silicone
4,50 x 4,50 m
Parco delle Groane, Solaro (MI)
residenza Shot_ inneschi in polveriera
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