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Irene Russo

Italian artist

Irene Russo nasce ad Avellino il 17/04/1985 e si laureata in Pittura all’ Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli. La pittura d’Irene risente degli influssi nord-europei dovuti agli studi artistici in Polonia, presso l’ Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu. Successivamente si è specializzata in grafica pubblicitaria ed editoriale all’ Ilas di Napoli. Attualmente lavora tra Avellino, Napoli, Milano e Londra.

    Irene Russo, 1985, was graduated in Decoration and Painting at Academy of fine Art In Naples. Her painting was influenced from study in Poland, at Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu. She is living in Mercogliano, in the south Italy, and work between Avellino, Naples, Milan and London.

I started my research in 2010 and is spread today with a reflection that concerns the temporal and biographical component, about feminist, social aspects and on the experimental study of painting techniques. I’ m also fascinated by everyday objects and the transience of objects, especially about ephemeral charm of flowers, natural colors and nature. My artistic work is born from the need for exploratory in minimalist color and my research was influenced by artists such as Burri, Hirst, Kiefer,Fontana, Rothko, Turner and Friedrich and also from my study in Poland. My current research is on "PLACES", about landscape, as a reflection of human emotions, in which loneliness, anguish and anger create supernatural landscapes that reflect the human spirit in which the colors take on and reflect the emotion and the feeling of the artist and in which the viewer can get lost and find yourself.

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2010 Naples, Museo Madre, live performances curated by Teresa Mergolles and Eugenio Viola. Gaeta, XXII “Porticato Gaetano”,second place. 2011 Ravenna, “Sc (arts) on show”, selected for the collective Urban Center in Ravenna. Poznan (Poland), “Being the center of (re) Cognition”, double exibition, Post Office Gallery. Poznan (Poland), “mail art: poza systemem”, gallery rotunda, Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu. Milan, “National Award of” Brera 2010-2011 arts,finalist. Marsciano (PG), MAG Museum, finalist.

    2015 Milan, collective, “The memory feeds the planet,” Bracco Foundation. Avellino, solo exibition, “Art on the scene in 2015”, foyer Carlo Gesualdo Theater. 2016 Napoli, finalist, inernational contest “A work for the Castle”, Castel Sant Elmo. Eboli (SA), artist residences, Art House. 2017 Rome,“Premio Mibacco”, National Library in Rome, London, collective, “Paris Garden”.

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Selezionata per il sito di VOGUE, nella sezione Vogue Talent collection spring/summer 2017 Salva

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Artista selezionata per la categoria Pittura del progetto Art House di Eboli. Progetto finanziato dal Dipartimento della Gioventù e del Servizio Civile presso la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri...

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Artista selezionata Gai_ Giovani Artisti Italiani per il mese di Agosto http://

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