Red Cable Performance


Red Cable




Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, Poznan, Poland

“Red cable” is a human sculpture made from a red cable. The four people were joined by a single cable that made a geometric sculpture.
The red line is the symbol of life, which represents how a single life influences other lives.
The tension of the wires is inspired by Ersilia, a city of the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino.
In order to establish the relationships that govern the life of the city, Ersilia has the tendency of wires between the edges of the houses, white or black or gray or white-and-black, depending on whether they are related to kinship, exchange, authority, representation. When the wires are so many that you can not pass in the middle, the inhabitants go away: the houses are dismantled; Only the wires and thread support are left.
A kind of enchanted city, suspended on itself, in itself.

Irene Russo italian contemporary painter