Mirror lake Installazioni land art


Mirror lake
mirrored PVC,wood
Groane’s Park, Solaro (MI)
winner of the residence Shot_ inneschi in powder magazine ––


MIROR LAKE is a work that wants to connect earth and vibrations through an installation of panels covered with PVC mirror effect whwre you can catch the sky during the bow of the day.
The continuous mutations and colors will create a work in continuous change, allowing an analysis on the conception of time, memory and the environment.
The perception of the place as a mirror of the continuous environmental mutations but that we are not always able to perceive without pausing to observe.
Through the use of a faceted mirror surfaces, attention is drawn to the conception of the temporal variable and of the mutations on which we do not dwell.
Stop to observe, contemplate and give yourself the necessary time to be present in the present, reconstructing the connection between nature and yourself.

The spectator is invited to lie down and observe in order to enter into direct contact with the earth and its vibrations and create a moment of reconnection between the natural elements and the visitor.

Irene Russo italian contemporary painter