4000 mm of sky Installazioni


My project “Touch the landscape” starts from the concept of memory and storytelling.
Every place carries with it an image and a color, a synthesis of its experience.
My research investigates this concept of memory and “possession” of the place, exasperating it in its dimensions and shapes, representing a fragment of the landscape in which shapes and colors merge, recreating a surreal and abstract place. The work creates a vibrant atmosphere of colors, and allows through the mirroring surface to enter into a relationship with the work, going beyond the static nature of the painting. The memory of places is often associated with its sky. To my south, I associate the color of the sky, its intense blue that changes in the arc of the day. A color that you would like to touch. My work creates an objectification of the utopia of “touching the sky”.

Irene Russo italian contemporary painter